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The Stagecoach Prospect

The Stagecoach Prospect is a promising oil drilling opportunity offered by Great Plains Oil & Gas Company, located in Logan County, Kansas.

The principals and management team of the company have had tremendous success in this area with a nearby lease called the Lippelman, generating over thirty million dollars in oil sale revenue over the past five years. The Stagecoach Prospect is a shallow well prospect, drilling to around 5,000 feet in the Mississippian geological formation, which the company believes to be highly productive. Great Plains management anticipates that this new project has the potential of yielding 100 barrels of oil per day or more, and it is expected to be completed by this summer and in production by the fall. If successful, Investors can expect monthly income, unique tax breaks, and a simple process, while also diversifying their portfolio and mitigating risks with the rising oil prices. Contact Great Plains for more information to determine if investing in the Stagecoach Prospect or any of their other projects is the right decision for you.

Get More Information:

To request an Investment Guide from Great Plains Oil and Gas Company, simply CLICK HERE or give us a call.The Investment Guide will provide detailed information about the Stagecoach Prospect, including its history and the experienced operator who will be drilling the site. It will also explain the simple process for investing with us, and how our partners can enjoy the benefits associated with oil and gas investing, such as monthly income and unique tax breaks. Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide guidance on how to get started with investing in the Stagecoach Prospect or any other of our projects.

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