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Proven Oil & Gas Wells

Great Plains Oil & Gas Company is committed to providing our partners with indirect ownership in proven oil and gas wells to maximize their returns.

Our team carefully selects well locations in established areas to mitigate risk and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. By offering direct ownership, our partners can participate in the production and receive a proportional share of the revenue generated. We believe that this approach to investing in the energy sector provides the greatest potential return for our partners. Contact us to learn more about our direct ownership opportunities.

Contact us to learn more about our direct ownership opportunities.

Message from the CEO:


Thank you for considering Great Plains Oil & Gas Company as your potential investment partner. We believe that investing in oil and gas wells can be a profitable and exciting opportunity for savvy accredited investors. With our proven track record of success and our commitment to maximizing returns for our partners, we believe that we offer a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio and generate steady monthly income.


Investing in the Stagecoach Prospect in Logan County, Kansas, offers a chance to tap into a proven region and a successful operator with a history of generating significant revenue. With the potential for 100 barrels of oil per day or more, the Stagecoach Prospect is an attractive investment opportunity that can offer unique tax benefits and long-term financial rewards.


We encourage you to request our investment kit and schedule a free consultation to learn more about the Stagecoach Prospect and other investment opportunities available through Great Plains Oil & Gas Company. We look forward to hearing from you soon and to welcoming you as one of our newest partners in this exciting venture.


Best Regards,
Jason A. Gilbert

Great Plains Oil & Gas


About Me

Jason A. Gilbert



I am an “Oil man”

Drilled wells in the Midwest and Southwest, including in the great state of Texas and it’s near mythical oil fields of the Permian Basin.



Building an empire

I went from brokering for other companies’ drilling projects to purchasing and funding my own projects. From those humble beginnings I have slowly been building an empire in the oil and gas industry, a legacy I hope to pass down to my son.



The Lippelmann lease

My greatest and most successful wells have been the last nine wells I drilled in the State of Kansas on the Lippelmann lease which you will learn about in greater detail within the pages of this packet. Under my direction, this prolific oil field has thus far generated over $30,000,000 in revenue and is still going strong.

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