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Oil and gas investing can
be highly lucrative.

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Investing in oil and gas
can help diversify an investor's portfolio

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Oil and gas investments
offer unique tax benefits,

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The Prospect:

The Stagecoach Prospect

The Stagecoach Prospect is a shallow well drilling project located in Logan County, Kansas, targeting the Mississippian geological formation at a depth of around 5,000 feet.

The principals and management team at Great Plains Oil & Gas Company have had success in this region and at this depth on a nearby lease called the Lippelman, generating over thirty million dollars in revenue over the past five years. The Stagecoach Prospect has the potential of producing at least 100 barrels of oil per day and expects the well to go into production by fall. As an accredited investor, you have the opportunity to invest in this project and potentially reap significant financial benefits. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting investment opportunity.


Benefits of Investing In
Oil & Gas

Overall, oil and gas investment opportunities can be an exciting way for accredited investors to diversify their portfolios and potentially generate high returns while benefiting from unique tax advantages.

  • Potential High Returns
  • Diversification
  • Tax Benefits
  • Global demandn
  • Experienced operators
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