American Oil From Kansas Soil

Most Recent Project

The Lippelmann Prospect

The principals and management team of Great Plains Oil & Gas Company (along with HG Oil Holdings & other industry experts) have a long-standing history in the Kansas oil & gas industry, with the combined management team having almost 100 years of experience in the field.

The team’s most recent project, the Lippelmann Prospect, has been a resounding success, with nine out of nine wells hitting commercially viable quantities of petroleum. The Lippelmann has generated over $30 million in revenue from oil sales so far and is expected to have a lifespan of a decade or more. It may well be one of the most significant Kansas oil field finds in the last 20 years, solidifying the position of the management team and the principals of Great Plains as a leading player in the oil & gas industry. Their track record of success and deep expertise make them a trusted partner for accredited investors looking to diversify their portfolios in the energy sector.

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